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Lukáš Pítra, Online marketing expert

"We have been together on several projects and I can confirm that Jirka always leaves a tangible trace not only in better arming the organization with (better and more trustworthy) data and reports, but also in better understanding what they say and how to work with them. Whether it's simple web analytics or business analytics. Jirko thanks for your professional cooperation!"

Martin Lanta, iStage.cz

"Jiří is a professional, he did advanced business data dashboard on two e-shops (Shoptet). Smooth communication, fast delivery and fair approach. I will definitely work with Mr. Mařík in the future. I recommend."

Michal Krčmář, Digital marketing consultant

"If anyone can put your data in order and prepare any report you need, it is Jirka. Thanks to his versatility, he can handle GA, GTM, PowerBi, Datastudio and I don't know what else. Thanks to his wide range and his versatility I enjoy working with Jirka immensely and I can certainly be happy to recommend him further to anyone. What's more, what Jirka says goes, he meets deadlines with flying colours."

Lukáš Maršálek, Nádrže online

"Professional analytical human approach. After an initial 6 months of cooperation we did not hesitate to extend our contract. We will continue to expand our web capabilities thanks to his abilities."

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